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We are artists, strategists, managers and brand-builders, strengthening our clients for a better world.

Zach Kellum 

Founder, Creative and Strategic Director

Zach has worked on the creative side of global brands for over twenty years. 


Since the late nineties, working out of his art and music studio in downtown Toronto, he hasn’t stopped pumping out killer creative for clients including Corona, Miller Genuine Draft, Miller Light, Grolsch, Kronenbourg, Budweiser, Gibson’s Finest, Canadian Club, Etee, Rêve Pharma, AXS, BioScience, Novo Nordisk… 


Zach operates with entrepreneurial energy and passion and has remained committed to fostering a positive environment, where ideas are grounded in strategy and imagination reigns supreme.


Zach believes in the cultural relevance of brands and knows the best ideas are the honest ones. He’s particularly good at making deep connections between brands and consumers in markets around the globe.

Shaina List

Project Manager

Shaina is a hyper organized force of project management. She works largely behind the scenes making sure our strategic, creative, and production teams and partners are in lockstep toward timely delivery.

A passionate believer in creating positive social impact through her work, Shaina devotes much of her spare time and talents to supporting non-profit humanitarian organizations such as Authentic Relating International and Day of Pause.

Emily Vezer

Senior Art Director

Emily has a uniquely sharp ability to create images and imagery that fill humans with wanting. It’s that talent she channeled as art director of some of Canada’s most beautiful magazines including En Route, Toronto Life, Chatelaine, and Flare. And it should come as no surprise that her work for those publications has won her a pile of awards.

Around here, Emily sets the bar for imagining beautiful telegraphic visual concepts. On or off the page, It’s her brain that turns simple into special and elevates the mundane to magnificence.

Laura Weatherston 

Art Director Graphic Designer

Laura has worked in the private and public sectors where she has worn many hats in small design studios, and has been the sole in-house designer within large organizations. Currently based in Ottawa, she has experience working with a wide-range of clients— from neighbourhood magazines, to global corporate giants. She’s adept at designing for digital, print, social, textile, as well as immersive experiential environments.


When not hard at work on client projects, you can find her working on her illustration and lettering passion projects, or off for an outdoor adventure with her cavalier king charles spaniel, Walter.

Jonathan Agomaa

Art Director Graphic Designer

Jonathan is our guy on frontlines, turning ideas into realities. He has the coveted ability to make something out of nothing, transforming words on a page into beautiful products, objects, designs, and experiences.

Jonathan’s passion and understanding for user-centred design can be felt through his work, including campaigns, products, interactive experiences and software for brands such as ABInBev, P&G, Bell, CIBC, Canadian Tire, Nissan, Mitsubishi, Home Hardware, Molson Coors, and Parmalat.

A self described digital nomad, we’re always astounded and Jonathan’s ability to keep clients’ timezones top of mind wherever on the planet he may be.

Bill Matthews

Graphic Designer

Bill is currently working his magic from his home office in London, England. Perfectly situated to give us a head start on the North American business day, Bill is a imaginative designer with tight chops and more than a decade of experience working on some of the worlds biggest beverage brands.


We’re a purpose-driven creative agency,
designing a better world one brand at a time.


I provide ideas that fuel brands, while making every effort to create a positive ecological and social impact through my work. 

I learned long ago that ideas fuel brands, but in the last ten years or so I’ve noticed that even the best ideas can be spread in ways that are not so good for us or the planet. 


This led me to ask some simple questions of my clients, like:  Can we replace plastic merch with sustainable alternatives? Can we meet by video conference and minimize our air travel? Can we hold ourselves accountable for the impacts of our business?


The response was always similar and very simple… Yes. Please help us do that. 


So that’s what I do. I provide ideas that fuel brands, all while making every effort to create a positive ecological and social impact through my work. 


It’s not about turning clients into “eco” or “fair” brands. It’s about being forward thinking and eliminating outdated and unhealthy practices.  It takes effort, but it’s an effort most of us make in our personal lives, and it’s an effort consumers expect from their favorite brands. 


As we define sustainable ways of working, we pave the way for others to do the same.


And that’s the big prize... Because when that eventually happens, everyone wins.

"I’ve always helped brands fuel their work through the power of great ideas.
Now I use my ideas to fuel more responsible brands, more vibrant communities, and a more sustainable world - all at the same time."


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