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Find Your Brand's 

Purposeful Balance

Turn your business success into a brand-strengthening win for your teams,

your community, and the world.

What is it?

 Purposeful Balance is the name we’ve given to a series of energetic workshops, co-created by THE DEPARTMENT and our good friends at TRU2U. This offering was designed to help brands find their unique balance between success and positive impact on people and planet.


Through our interactive program, we work with you and your internal teams to align your brand’s core truths in ways that reflect your stakeholders’ values and beliefs. 


Noone knows your business better than your teams and your people. You hold the answers and we coax them out. Together we translate your hard work and focus into actionable plans, using plain language that makes sense to everyone vested in your ecosystem - your teams, your customers, your consumers.

Why Wait?

We’ve learned that a clear commitment to positive impact builds lasting, familial trust and cements your connections. It attracts consumers and stakeholders. It engages your internal talent and earns retention. Best of all it delivers measurable impact.

Find Your Purposeful Balance 

Discover your brand’s unique balance between commercial success and purpose today. Click the link below to take the first step and learn more.

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