When we suggested that Corona should produce a reef-safe sunscreen, we had no idea that SPFs would become such an environmental battleground.


Countries around the world are banning the use chemical based sunscreens because of the damage they are causing to coral reefs, freshwater ecosystems and human health. We knew that a sunblock was a natural fit for Corona, a brand rooted in beach lifestyle. We partnered with California-based All Good to create a mineral based, reef-safe sunscreen.


With this sunscreen now being sold around the world, Corona is leading the way with their commitment to protecting oceans and beaches.

Mineral-based sunblock is the only safe sunblock.

Ingredients found in chemical based SPFs cause damage to coral reefs, sea life, and humans. As a result, Australia, Hawaii, Florida, and now much of the Caribbean is prohibiting the use of chemical sunscreens.​

Packaging Design

To further Corona’s commitment to protect oceans and beaches, we created this product with zero-plastic.

In a world of aerosol cans, plastic tubes and bottles, it was refreshing to create this plastic-free alternative.

This sleek all-aluminum tin is totally recyclable and won’t break open at the bottom of your beach bag.