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Through a series of creative workshops, the senior management of HOKA One One found their WHY and discovered the greater PURPOSE behind their work and their products. 

This project was part of an offering we call

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Having experienced meteoric growth over the course of the pandemic, HOKA knew there was a higher purpose driving their business and success. They knew that their impact beyond profit was huge and to focus it would strengthen their powerhouse brand.

They were ready to explore the WHY behind their great work and find ways of bringing it to life in everything they do. 

Purposeful Balance

HOKA knows that purpose-driven brands not only have better employee retention, they often demonstrate increased financial performance and enjoy increased consumer loyalty.  The environmental and social governance metrics of a brand are not just a nice-to-have, they correlate directly to stock performance and valuation. HOKA knows purpose in business is here to stay. 

We conducted energetic workshops in Colorado Springs and Santa Barbara

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In Partnership with TwoLine Studios and partner agency TRU2U, these workshops featured engaging live illustration and note taking. Hoka emerged from these sessions with a deeper sense of purpose, a stronger sense of community, and a drive continue along their path to success in the athletic footwear category! 

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