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We are proud of our work that brings to life the better-for-you lifestyle that this amazing brand embodies.


Michelob Ultra is the ultra light beer that reminds drinkers that it’s only work it if it’s fun.

This is a brand that effortlessly crosses the line between beer and better-for-you active lifestyle. As such Team Ultra approached The Department to design lines of Ultra activewear and accessories for health conscious, active fans of the brand.

Active wear for
the Social Athlete

The result was the creation of three lines of beautiful wearables and active lifestyle accessories, each brining to life the distinctive style and charm of the three core lines:  Michelob Ultra, Michelob Ultra Organic Seltzer, and Michelob Ultra Pure Gold.

From garment pattern and specs, to print design. Detailed art and tech packs ensure uniform style and quality across manufacturers and global zones.

We designed each product

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