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We could not be more proud of our work with one of the worlds fastest growing and now BEST DRESSED sport leagues!


We were honored to design player and staff uniforms, fan merch, and championship uniforms for one of the fastest growing global sports brands on the planet, VOLLEYBALL WORLD. What’s even better? We were able to manufacture these items with our friends at Kudo, the same company who made Corona’s Protect Paradise Range.

Beyond merch and uniform design, we are particularly proud of the Volley Ball World Equity Logo that we designed for the organization. The Equity Logo is used exclusively on the Equity Jersey, a specialty Jersey worn by top players to promoting the league’s adherence to gender equity across the sport.


From garment pattern and specs, to print design. Detailed art and tech packs ensured uniform style and quality. We were thrilled to be working directly with KUDO SURF, our trusted supplier based in Australia, Philippines, and China.

We designed each product

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